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be blown away,字面是被吹走,意思是被震撼 trust 也有“信任”的意思 他们信任 Stephen 会在他们在国外的时候,好好表现。

我行保证及时对所有根据本信用证开具、并与其条款相符的汇票兑付! 跟这句话意思一样: We hereby engage with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored!


love you more 更爱你。求采纳


Entertainment version of the V5 on the issue, South Korea has completed the transformation of v5. Is there a V5 based program in China? 1 if there is, then when is the plan? 2 if not, then we want to V5 as soon as possible this...

我们说英语怎么样? Shall we speak English? How about speaking English together? Let's speak English, OK? Do you want to speak English together? Would you like to speak English together? Is it okay for us to speak English toget...

fit it by the window build it in by the window mount it by the window install it by the window



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